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  9. salvatore says:

    Dear Holly, I think this goes without saying how beautiful sexy and attractive you are, that looks to the naked eye and do not understand why the men’s actors in your videos do not appreciate what they have in their hands, I will kiss you in place from the tip of the feet to your hair,because you are a dreams for many mens like me. I love you.

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  15. dinero says:

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  16. Yves says:

    Holly, we miss you so much please don’t think about retiring

  17. Anonymous says:

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    I see Ur video I like this, u r bold & beautiful
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  22. Fan of Holly says:

    Mam im 25 M,. ur the best pornstar so far. i lov u soo much… im waiting for an opportunity to meet u for an autograph.. you are the only one who turn me on.. cya. take care. all the best.

  23. Jay says:

    Dear Holly,

    I don’t know whether you will read my comments or not but i would like to tell you that, you are one of the most attractive woman i have ever seen in my life. Specially your cat eye, black hair, sexy figure makes you one of the most beautiful & attractive porn star. I want to see your figure. I want to touch it, feel it from every angle. You rock.

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